5 unusual and paradisiac places to visit in Italy

Want to travel to Italy and escape the crowded and touristy spots? Check out this 5 unique places to visit in Italy this summer and enjoy the hidden gems of each region.

#1 Ventotene

Source: Flickr/Jon Worth

Located near Rome, the small island off the western coast of Italy is the place you were looking for to relax. In this very peaceful rocky island, you can enjoy summer at the beaches, lay down and appreciate the view.

A place where you are not going to see that many tourists, there is almost no traffic and where you will be able to immerse yourself in the Italian culture.

Historically speaking, you can see a lot of Roman remains on Ventotene such as its cisterns, Villa Giulia and Santo Stefano. Also check out the archaeological museum (Museo Storico Archeologico), the Torre Borbonico and enjoy the Italian cuisine in the restaurants near the main square.

A fun fact about this island is that the grand palace was the home for prisoners of high society and nowadays it consists of very colorful and attractive summer houses.

You can also enjoy nearby islands that are a short boat trip away.

#2 Narni

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This village in the Umbria region was built 3,000 years ago is worth a visit. In Narni you will find beautiful palaces and medieval churches, as well as squares with fountains. Some fountains that are scattered around the city are from Roman times.

Besides visiting the gorgeous cathedral Assisi dedicated to Saint Francis, patron of Italy and Europe, check out the Augustus bridge, the civic museum and the Narni Subterranea, a place that was used as the Tribunal of the Inquisition, where torture instruments of the time and the dungeons where and the prisoners accused of heresy were held.

Don’t forget to check Ponte Cardona which is at the geographical center of Italy.

#3 Matera

Source: Flickr/Lino M

Matera is considered one of the oldest cities in the world, an authentic open-air museum that shows us the extraordinary Italian history. With its incredible beauty, unique in its genre, it has inspired writers, poets, and filmmakers.

Declared Patrimony of Humanity in 1993, it is one of the most suggestive and known symbols of Italy in the world.

The historic center of Matera is a marvel of rock architecture. Wherever you look, there are houses carved into the rocks and spectacular views. The many museums and churches carved out of the rocks, and the extraordinary restaurants make Matera an unmissable place to see.

Remember that when visiting Matera, you can stay in a cave house and feel part of this historic city.

#4 Grotta della Poesia

Source: Pinterest

This paradisiac beach should be somewhere near the top of your to-go list for this summer. This wonderful sinkhole has crystal clear water and is located in an off the beaten track part of the coast in Puglia.

According to a local legend, a beautiful princess used to bathe in the cave, and when the news spread, many poets were bred in the natural cavity to compose verses in honor of this princess. That’s the story behind the name Grotta della Poesia (Cave of Poetry).

Besides being able to go cliff jumping and scuba diving, you can also enjoy the trip by visiting an archaeological site (Rocca Vecchia), the Sanctuary of the 17th century Madonna di Roca and the Grotta della Poesia Piccola.

#5 Dolomites

Source: Flickr/Navin75

Italy is not just about food and museums. It’s also well known for its gorgeous landscapes. If you are looking for hiking trails and outdoor activities, search no more! This spectacular mountain range offers you amazing views in a less crowded alternative to the Alps.

In the many national parks located in Dolomites, you can find geological formations, natural beauty of flora and fauna, and a vast array of amazing sights.

You can also make the best of your trip by visiting the museums in the area and learn more about the nature and culture of Dolomites.

If you are looking for hiking trails, you need to go to the famous Alta Via, that is in a UNESCO world heritage site. This 93 miles trial is gorgeous thanks to its vertical walls, valleys, and sheer peaks.

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