6 Free things to do on your trip to Florence

Traveling around Italy doesn’t have to be an expensive adventure. Many touristic cities and monuments can be a little too pricey and you might end up not doing as much as you had planned.

If you’re traveling on a budget, or if you just don’t want to spend too much, we selected 6 free things to do in Florence.

free things to do in Florence

#1 Visiting the Duomo of Florence

Santa Maria del Fiore Cathedral and its incredible Renaissance dome has a Gothic structure and took two centuries to be finished. A true symbol of Florence and, that’s the best part, going inside the church is free of charge!

If you want to visit the dome, the crypt, and other things then you need to buy a ticket.  

free things to do in Florence

#2 Getting to know the historic city of Florence

Walking around won’t cost you a cent and it’s a great way to explore the city. Wander around the old city center and enjoy the architecture, observe the shops and just enjoy one of the most precious cities in the world!

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free things to do in Florence

#3 Enjoying the view from the Piazzale Michelangelo

Are you a big fan of panoramic views? If yes, then you came the right place. See the skyline of Florence at any time of the day – pretty good for those who enjoy waking up earlier to have the city for themselves – and just let the beauty take you and amaze you. You can take a bus or just walk up to the piazza and spend nothing.

free things to do in Florence

#4 Going to the famous Ponte Vecchio

One of the main symbols of Florence, the Ponte Vecchio is an absolute must-see. This was the only bridge across the Arno river until 1218 and it had to be rebuilt in 1345. The Ponte Vecchio boasts lovely shops and a view over the Arno River like no other places!. The best part? It’s completely free.

#5 Visit the churches in Florence

The city has many churches that are free to visit and worth your time. Walk around the city and discover the architecture and artworks that these churches hide inside. Check the San Miniato al Monte, decorated with green and white marble in geometric patterns and the Orsanmichele Church that was first built as a civic building and then turned into a church.

free things to do in Florence

#6 Take a look at the leather markets, “San Lorenzo” and “Mercato Nuovo”

You don’t need to buy anything to have fun in the markets. The leather markets in Florence are worldwide famous, so it’s a must on your agenda.

Now, if you enjoy seeing what a Tuscan meal looks like and want to smell some local ingredients or just see the handmade goods and antiques, “San Lorenzo Market” is a great place to explore the city.

In need of Luck and longing to go back to Florence? go to the Mercato Nuovo and find the statue of a wild boar. The local legend says that if you rub his snout and put a coin in his mouth, you’ll have good luck. If the coin falls into the grating below then it’s certain that you’ll have luck and return to Florence.

free things to do in Florence

Keep exploring Florence

After reading about the free things to do in Florence, how about discovering the city with a professional English-speaking guide and can give you more tips and information about the city? Check out our tours and have fun in Florence.