6 Rome by night must-sees

Rome is a charming city during the day, and it’s easy to plan many activities with all the places and monuments you should see. But what happens when the sun is gone, and you still want to explore the city? Lucky you, the Italian capital is gorgeous at night, it’s more relaxed, romantic and has many interesting places to visit and things to do.

To help you plan your trip to Rome, check out these 6 things you can do in the Eternal City at night:

rome by night

#1 The Trevi Fountain

One of the most important things you need to see when in Rome is the beautiful Trevi Fountain. During the day this monument attracts many visitors and it can be a little too crowded. If you want to take your time throwing a coin or just stop and admire the largest Baroque fountain in Rome, go at night. It’s less crowded and the fountain is lit so you can see all the details of the monument easily. And the water sparkles at night so you can take great pictures.

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rome by night

#2 The Colosseum at night

Whether you want to take beautiful pictures or just see this iconic monument with fewer tourists, the Colosseum should be on your list of thing to do in Rome at night. You can’t visit the interior, but don’t worry, just admiring from outside is totally worth it.

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#3 The Vatican at night

St. Peter’s Basilica is one of the most important buildings for the Christians and the largest church in the world. This work of Renaissance architecture is illuminated at night and it’s a must-see when in Rome.

Keep in mind that every Friday from April to October the Vatican Museums open late to the public. It’s a great opportunity for those who want to enjoy the sun during the day and visit the museums with fewer tourists.

rome by night

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#4 Roman Forum

Although you can’t tour the Roman Forum at night, some buildings are illuminated at night and are truly magnificent. As beautiful as it is by night, you definitely should see it during the day to learn more about it.

rome by night

#5 Castel Sant’Angelo

This monument is a fortress located by the Tiber river and near the Vatican. To get to the castle you need to cross the long and beautiful Sant’Angelo bridge full of angel sculptures and along the way, you’ll see this grandiose castle. It’s illuminated at night and there’s no better way to appreciate Castel Sant’Angelo.

rome by night

#6 Nightlife in Rome

The city of seven hills is known for having some rooftop bars with spectacular views. It’s a really good plan for those who want to enjoy drinks and relax after a busy day. If you want something cooler there’s the oldest neighborhood of Rome, Trastevere where you can go for dinner and drinks and enjoy the bohemian atmosphere.

If you feel like dancing all night long, Rome has many clubs and it’s common practice to leave the party at 6am.

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Things to do in Rome at night with Veditalia

Rome is beautiful during the day, but there’s something special about the city during the night. Now that you know all the incredible things you can see and do in Rome at night, what about doing it with us? With our Rome by night walking tour, you’ll discover the city and have a memorable and unique experience.