When is the best time to visit Italy?

Planning your vacation can always be a little trick, you need to check when you’re available, how long can you travel, if it is the right weather for you and many other things, right? And let’s be honest, Italy has so much to offer!

The incredible and irresistible food, the breathtaking landscapes, the unique architecture, all of that (and much more!) may make it difficult to choose when is the best time to visit the country.

To help you decide when is the best time to visit Italy, here are some points you should consider before booking your flight.

best time to visit Italy

Weather in Italy

You always have to consider what type of weather and the activities you want to do during your time in Italy. Do you prefer going to the beach or you want to go skiing? Do you want to visit vineyards, stay in busy cities that have nightlife or relax in the rural? Always keep your preferences in mind when going somewhere.

In Italy, the hottest months are July and August, but you can also experience nice weather in June, and high temperatures can linger well into September, so if you’re planning on visiting the cost, these are the best months.

Autumn is a lovely season to visit cities since the weather is pleasant to walk around, the season goes from September to November. Winter in Italy is from December to February and it’s the perfect season to ski and eat like a king.

Keep in mind that temperature changes in different regions of the country.

best time to visit italy

Want to spend your summer in Italy?

June and July are the busiest months, so if you want to spend your summer here you need to plan ahead, decide where you want to go and book everything in advance, especially if you’re traveling on a budget. Companies like Meridiana Airlines have flight deals between May and October directly from New York to Rome.

Remember that if you want to travel to Italy with the sun by your side, consider visiting in April, May, and September. During this months the weather can be very pleasant, the prices can be lower, and there are fewer tourists around.

The best time to go to Italy is during spring and summer, and if don’t want to go to a crowded beach and fight for a spot on the sun, you should check the smaller villages that also have a beach, like Terlizzi in Puglia.

best time to visit Italy

Cheapest time to visit Italy

Many of the Italian cities are in everyone bucket list, and if Rome is on yours (if it is not, check 13 Interesting and funny facts about Rome you probably didn’t know and change your mind) the best time to go and avoid the many tourists is during winter.

The attractions are not so busy, and the hotels are cheaper. And keep in mind that the Italian winter is not as rainy as in other European countries and has very little snow.

And you know something that will help you warm you up? Some nice cops of cappuccino, a glass of wine and the amazing Italian food. Also, during winter you might want to check the fascinating and beautiful Christmas markets around the country.

You probably want to try some really nice wine during your vacation, and we think that you should!

So if you are planning on visiting the incredible Italian’s vineyard. Offseason can be a little cheaper. Also, if you’re thinking about taking the train in Italy, companies usually offer cheaper tickets if you buy in advance.

So book that before getting to Italy and save some extra euros.

best time to visit Italy

When is less crowded in Italy?

If you really don’t want crowded places, plan your trip, so you don’t coincide with one of the many events and festivals that the country has. For example, avoid Venice during Carnival. The city is much less crowded during March or November.

Again, if you don’t want crowded places, avoid going to Italy during July and August, since everyone seems to have the same idea, and the weather can be too hot. Another thing to keep in mind when choosing your date is that usually, Italians take their vacation in August so it might be a little more crowded.

The amazing and lovely Tuscany is also one of the main destinations during summer and autumn and if you want to go to San Gimignano, walk around Florence and Siena, avoid those seasons. You’ll also be saving some extra euros since prices can go higher on those months.

best time to visit Italy

The best way to get to know a city

Like we said before, Italy is nice and perfect all the time, and whatever season you choose, you’ll have a good time.

Keep in mind that cities like Rome and Milan have so much to offer that the best way to get to know them is booking a tour. With Veditalia, besides the fact that you are free of queues in many attractions of the cities, we have a professional team that speaks English and is ready to guide you around the cities with interesting facts that you can’t find on the internet.