Assisi is a town located in Umbria, in central Italy. It is regarded as a spiritual destination being filled with historical evidence of the life of St. Francis. Your tour of Assisi will bring you on the path of the Saint! But Assisi is also a place of art, history, and culture. Therefore, it is a must-visit for believers and art-lovers. For the best view over the town and the surrounding natural landscape, you can reach the medieval Castle of Rocca Maggiore. In Assisi, many small restaurants are offering local specialties. Ask the tour guide where to find the best places.

top attractions

Basilica of Saint Francis

This church is famous all over the world. It is richly decorated with extraordinary frescoes by the greatest Italian painters of the 13-14th century, including Giotto.

Temple of Minerva

Located in one of the most beautiful Italian piazzas the Temple of Minerva is an ancient Roman structure built in 1st century BC. In 1593 it was restored and dedicated to the Virgin Mary. The temple then took the name of St. Mary over Minerva.


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