While on holiday in the Island of Sardinia, some hours should be spent on a tour of Cagliari, a town with a long history. Like Rome, it was built on seven hills, and some of the districts are named after them. The center is rich with buildings of all ages, narrow streets and traditional cafes, restaurants, ice-cream parlors, bars. If you love shopping, you will also find some beautiful boutiques. The San Benedetto Food Market, one of the biggest indoor market in Europe, is definitely worth a visit if you like fresh and local seafood and Sardinian specialties.

top attractions

Royal Palace of Cagliari

This palace was built in the 14th century and was the residence of the Viceroy during the Aragon time. Some of the beautiful rooms are open to the public. The paintings of Royal Palace tell the most important historical events of the town.

Cagliari Cathedral

The church was built in the 13th century in Pisan-Romanesque style, but later underwent transformations in the Gothic, Baroque and Neo-Romanesque style. The crypt-sanctuary preserves the relics of the local martyrs.

Bastione of Saint Remy

It is a white monument in neoclassical style with a triumphal arch and a spacious promenade. It was built at the end of 19th century and took the name from the first Piemontese viceroy, the Baron of Saint Remy. It is the perfect place to enjoy a stunning panoramic view of Cagliari.

Castle of San Michele

It is a medieval castle located on the highest hill of Cagliari. Today the castle preserves the three towers and the curtain wall.



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