Cefalù is a lovely small town about 70 kilometers from Palermo, in the Northern coast of Sicily. Sheltered by a mountain called La Rocca, it is part of the Madonie Regional Natural Park. The origins of Cefalù go back to the 3rd century BC when Sicily was under the Greeks. Today it is one of the major tourist attractions of the region for its art, history, tradition, the pretty fishing harbor and the long sandy beach. A tour of Cefalù is the perfect addition to your holiday in Sicily!

top attractions

Cefalù Cathedral

The Cathedral of Cefalù is one of the most attractive sights of the town. According to the tradition, it was built in 1130 by order of King Roger as he intended to create a resting place for the Norman kings. The church reflects the several influences of Sicilian history: Norman, Latin, Greek and Arab.

La Rocca

It is the place where the town was originally established. Here you can find ruins from different times and get a stunning view of the coast. La Rocca is highly recommended if you love going on a hike.



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