Lake Garda is the largest lake in Italy, well-known for its small picturesque towns, lush and impressive landscapes, and mild climate. It is a charming place to add to your itinerary in north Italy! The lake has five islands, the major of which is Isola del Garda. The most typical products are olive oil, wine and citrus fruits. In fact the area is famous for its unique lemons houses, typical gardens where lemons are grown. If you don’t know which are the best parts of the lake to visit, our local guide will help you discover the best of it: its ruins, castles and Roman villas.

top attractions


It is a beloved holiday destination with a copious historic, art and archaeological patrimony starting from the Roman times. The main attractions are the medieval castle, the ruins of a Roman villa with impressive mosaics, the 16th century cathedral with a painting by Tiepolo, and the Museum of Archaeology. The centre of the town is very charming with many small squares, restaurants, cafés and ice-cream shops.


Called “Pearl of the Lake”, Sirmione is a little jewel on the Southern part of Lake Garda. The must-sees are the old Scaliger fortress at the entrance and the Caves of Catullus, the remains of a Roman villa, that probably belonged to the poet Catullus, built between the 1st century BC and the first AD. Sirmione offers many boutiques, restaurants, cafés and also the best thermal resort in Europe.



Winter Lowest/Highest

-2/5° C

Summer Lowest/Highest

18/29° C



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Franciacorta (Brescia area)


Casoncelli alla Bresciana (Brescia area)


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