Lecce is a beautiful city in Southern Italy, called “the Florence of the South” because of its Baroque architecture and history. The town is filled with churches adorned with gargoyles, small and charming streets, restaurants, cafes and shops. Lecce is renowned for the local soft and malleable stone, olive oil, wine and the pasticciotto, a typical cake made with pastry and cream. Explore the wonders of this city with our highly experienced tour guide!

top attractions

Cathedral of Santa Maria Assunta

It was built in 1144 but completely restored in the 17th century in the style of Barocco leccese. The Cathedral of Santa Maria Assunta is very peculiar for the presence of two façades: one sober and one more decorated.

Roman Amphitheatre of Lecce

The Roman Amphitheatre dates back to the II century AD, when Lecce was a Roman settlement. It could host up to 25,000 people and was used for many entertainments. The visible remains are only a part of the entire structure: the rest is still buried underneath piazza Sant’Oronzo, the core of the city.

Church of St. Irene

It was built between 1591 and 1639 and dedicated to St. Irene, the ancient patron of Lecce. The façade is simple, and the interiors – rich of altars, floral decorations, columns – are an example of Baroque architecture.

Church of Santa Chiara

It was built in 1429 but it was modified at the end of the 16th century. The façade is elegant and the interiors is rich in decorated chapels and magnificent paintings.



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