Mantua is a small town in Northern Italy, rich in culture and history. The latin poet Virgilio, the Gonzaga family and the painter Mantegna are the most famous artists who lived here. In 2008 it was in fact added to the UNESCO World Heritage Site for its works of architecture and art from the Renaissance period.
Mantua lies on the right bank of Mincio River and is surrrounded by three small lakes. A tour of Mantua during summer will give you the opportunity to see the blossoming of the lotus flowers! The town is famous also for its culinary delights such as mostarda, sbrisolona, cotechino and risotto. It is definitely a romantic and fascinating place where you can spend half a day in Italy.

top attractions

Ducal Palace

It is a group of buildings built between the 14th and the 17th century mainly by the family of Gonzaga. With as much as 500 rooms and lots of cellars, corridors, stores, courtyards, it is considered like the palaces in Vienna or Paris.

Mantua Cathedral

The Duomo di Mantova is a cathedral built between the 15th and the 16th century, dedicated to St. Peter the Apostle. It contains a rich collection of paintings and sculptures by several artists.

Rotonda di San Lorenzo

It is the oldest church in Mantua, located below the level of Piazza delle Erbe. It was built in the 11th century probably on the site of a Roman temple dedicated to the goddess Venus. Inspired by the Holy Sepulchre church in Jerusalem, it is dedicated to the martyr St. Lawrence.

Mantua Clock Tower

It is a building in Piazza delle Erbe, made in 1472 by the architect Fancelli, at the service of the Gonzaga. The astronomical clock, a work of the mathematician and astrologer Bartolomeo Manfredi, was installed on the tower one year later.



Winter Lowest/Highest

-2/5° C

Summer Lowest/Highest

18/29° C



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Lambrusco Mantovano


Stracotto d' Asino


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