Orvieto is a quaint little burg located 100 kilometers north of Rome, on a plateau of tufa rock whose history dates back to several million years ago. It is a town full of superb churches, monuments and buildings, narrow streets and singular squares that a guide can help you discover. If you love Italian history and archaeological discoveries, do not miss a tour of the underground of Orvieto: an unforgettable experience throughout a maze of tunnels, caves and cisterns created over the millennia.

top attractions

Orvieto Cathedral

Orvieto Cathedral is a large 14th century church constructed under the order of Pope Urban IV. The façade is rich and adorned with elaborate golden mosaics while the interior is bare and sober.

Belvedere Temple

This temple is the best conserved monument of the Etruscan civilization that inhabited Orvieto, dating to the 6th-5th century BC. Today there are only the base, the stairway entrance, some parts of the columns.

St. Patrick’s well

It is the second most important attraction in Orvieto. This well was built in the 16th century to provide the city with water in case of siege. It is 60 meters deep, with two separate spiral staircases and 70 windows.

Torre del Moro

It is a clock tower built in the 13th century to defense the town and symbolize its prosperity. From the top of Torre del Moro you can enjoy a splendid view of Orvieto.



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15/29° C



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