Located just 20 minute by train from Venice, Padua is an ancient university city crossed by many canals. It is well-known for the Franciscan basilica dedicated to St. Anthony. There is so much to see and do in Padua! Our guide will let you live several aspects of the city, which dates back over 2,000 years: its fine architecture, parks and gardens, market squares and shops. Do not miss drinking an Italian espresso at the Pedrocchi Café, the “café without a door”: it was a meeting place for intellectuals and patriots in the 19th century.

top attractions

Basilica of St. Anthony

It is one of the largest pilgrim churches in Italy, visited by millions every year. Relics of St. Anthony are exposed here, such as the tongue. The chapel also includes famous artworks by great artists like Donatello and Giotto.

Scrovegni Chapel

It is one of the greatest works of Western art, second in importance only to the Sistine Chapel, with Giotto’s sublime frescoes representing stories from the Bible and the life of the Virgin Mary and Christ.

Palazzo della Ragione

It is an immense town hall built in the 12th century. The interior of the Great Hall is rich in wonderful frescoes depicting historical events.

Padua Botanical Garden

Founded in 1545 for the cultivation of medicinal herbs, it is the world’s oldest university botanical garden and a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It hosts secular plants and 7,000 botanical species.



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17/29° C



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