Palermo is located in the northwest of Sicily and stands out among Italian tourist destinations because of its history, stunning architecture, rich culture and fine culinary tradition. Founded in 734 BC, it is known as the most conquered city in the world. The influence of Romans, Greeks, Normans, Arabs, Spanish and other empires is evident in its architecture, from the Royal Palace and Cathedral to the Palatine Chapel. Our tour guide will make you discover the most fascinating parts of Palermo that you shoud not miss, and appreciate the best street food dishes such as arancini, granita and cannoli.

top attractions

Palermo Cathedral

It is an impressive building characterized by many architectural styles due to additions and alterations made to it in the centuries. The Cathedral hosts the tomb the Emperor Frederick II.

Palatine Chapel

Located inside the Palace of the Normans, this luxurious chapel is inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List as an example of Byzantine, Arabic and Norman architecture and decorations. Its walls and ceiling are covered with impressive golden Byzantine mosaics, and it is considered one of the most beautiful churches in Sicily.



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