It is a small town located about 40 kilometres south of Milan, on the famous “Via Francigena”, along the banks of the Ticino river. For a memorable trip in Italy, visit its top destinations, including Pavia. Its artistic and architectural heritage dates back to Roman times. In the Middle Ages it became the capital of the Lombard kingdom, and since 1361 it homes an important university. Enjoy our guided tour in Pavia: known as the city of the 100 towers, today it is a lively but quiet place, full of monuments, charming squares, and places where you can taste excellent wines and local rice-based dishes.

top attractions

Pavia Cathedral

The Pavia Cathedral is a Renaissance building with a Greek cross plan and an octagonal dome. A great artist like Leonardo da Vinci had probably contributed to the project. It holds the remains of many saints, including San Siro.

San Michele Maggiore church

It is the oldest religious monument in Pavia, and an example of Lombard Romanesque style, dedicated to Saint Michael the Archangel. The present building was erected during the 11th and 12th centuries

Visconti Castle

Built in 1360 by Galeazzo II Visconti, the castle served as a private residence rather than a stronghold. Now it houses the Civic Museums and contemporary art spaces.

Ponte Coperto

The bridge is one of the symbols of Pavia that connects the historic center of the town with the district of Borgo Ticino, a characteristic quarter once inhabited by fishermen.



Winter Lowest/Highest

-2/5° C

Summer Lowest/Highest

17/29° C



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Bonarda dell' Oltrepò Oavese


Salame di Varzi


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