4 Best things to do and see in Verona (Italy) on your first time

Verona, the city of lovers, is one of the best honeymoon destinations because of its history. This fascinating place is full of historical sights and admirable architecture, and every single place you look at offers another stunning vision.

Located in the north of Italy, in the Veneto region, you can visit Verona when traveling between Milan and Venice. You can get there by train or plane, and since it is a small city, you can do almost everything by foot.

The historic center of the city is a pedestrian area, and most things are at a walking distance, so just get your comfy shoes and keep going! Don’t worry about running out of fuel – you can always count on the delicious Italian food to keep your energy levels up!

things to do in verona

Source: Flickr/ Kimmo Räisänen

Piazza Brà: the largest Piazza in Verona

In Verona you’ll see churches, museums, historical monuments, theaters, palaces and much more and you’ll feel like you’re in a vintage Italian movie.

When visiting Verona, you need to check the wonderful Piazza Brà. It is the largest Piazza in the city and, besides finding the lovely atmosphere to have a coffee or eat at one of the many nice restaurants, you can admire charming buildings and just relax.

things to do in verona

Source: Flickr/ Paul Arps

Arena di Verona: the Roman amphitheater built in AD 30

During your trip, you’ll also see the famous Arena di Verona. This well-preserved Roman amphitheater was built to seat nearly 30,000 people. The original building was built in AD 30, and it was a place of gladiator games. Nowadays it hosts many concerts, including an opera program during summer! This should definitely be on your bucket list by the way.

things to do in verona

Source: Flickr/ Thanate Tan

Casa di Giulietta: visit the house that inspired Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet

Casa di Giulietta, or the house of Juliet, is an amazing gothic-style house built around the year 1,300 that has a stone balcony, which might have inspired William Shakespeare’s famous tragedy play Romeo and Juliet.

A fun fact about this house is that on the walls several cards were left by couples. According to the local legend, if you leave your note there, your love will blossom, just like Romeo and Juliet’s love (but hopefully not with the same tragic end).

Besides the house, you can also visit Juliet’s tomb in the Monastery of San Francesco al Corso, which is also where the couple allegedly got married.

Speaking of the couple, here is something that you probably didn’t know about Romeo and Juliet: the famous family rivalry was inspired by a true story. The Montecchi (Montagues) and the Capuleti (Capulets) were genuine rival families, and when visiting Verona, you can visit their houses.

things to do in verona

Source: Flickr/ Erin Johnson

Historical monuments you cannot miss in Verona

When you get to the Piazza delle Erbe, at the heart of Verona’s historic center, you can see many places of interest, among them the Palazzo della Ragione and the Tower of Lamberti (Torre dei Lamberti). The tower, built in 1172, is the largest tower in the city and from where you have a beautiful view over the historic center.

Two ancient and important monuments of the city that you need to check are Castelvecchio and Ponte Scagliero. Castelvecchio was built in 1354 and lies on the Adige river. Today the castle is also a municipal museum featuring medieval, renaissance and modern works of art.

The place itself impresses by its grandeur, and the Scaliger Bridge also called the Ponte di Castelvecchio, is one of the most important passages of the river Adige – not to mention absolutely beautiful!

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So take your time to discover more local areas and fall in love with Verona! Have a wonderful dinner in one of the many beautiful restaurants or simply rent a bicycle and get lost. This city is full of stories just waiting for you to uncover them, so book a tour with Veditalia and have fun!