What things you need to know when traveling to Italy?

If you´re planning your trip to Italy, you have probably heard amazing things about this beautiful country. Besides being home to the tasteful food and other classics like cappuccino, espresso, and good wine, Italy is a vast and different country.

This means that if you plan to travel from north to south, the cuisine, the traditions, and the landscapes can vary a lot. To make your trip even greater, here a few things that you should know about Italy before hitting the road.

things to know when traveling to italy

Food is a big thing in Italy, so embrace it

You probably already know a few things about Italian dishes, right? Pasta, gelato, pizza (just to name some) are foods that you can eat every day. But one thing that you need to know is that the whole act of eating in Italy is a little different from other countries, like the USA. In Italy, you’ll receive quality and that doesn’t mean quantity. Also, Italians can easily spend a couple of hours for lunch.

Forget the idea of just grabbing something ready to go. Instead of quick lunch, embrace the Italian culture and take your time, eat some bread and enjoy the wine. You can worry about schedules when you go back home.

Also, don’t forget to read Where and what to eat in Rome, Venice & Milan: Places to eat in Italy to know the dishes you need to try on your vacation.

Another great thing about food in Italy is that everything is fresh and local. Going to a local store is the perfect opportunity to find high-quality food and get a taste of what Italians normally eat.

things to know when traveling to italy

Italians are expressive people

It is generally agreed that Italians speak loudly and use hands gestures in every conversation they have. So don’t be surprised when you get to the country, because they’re not arguing and they’re not angry. They are passionate people who use their body language and facial expressions when communicating. Italians love to talk, laugh and joke, so don’t let the loudness impress you.

things to know when traveling to italy

Don’t rush!

Remember when we mentioned that when you’re going to have a meal in Italy you should not rush? Well, this sometimes works for a lot of other situations in Italy.

Don’t get us wrong! This doesn’t mean that if you book a tour, for example, they’ll be late cause they don’t feel like rushing anything. But it means that life in an Italian city follows a more slow style and they are happy about it.

things to know when traveling to italy

Fashion is a big deal

Get ready to see style and elegance in the big cities, especially in the fashion capital, Milan. Italy is home to most of the high-quality fashion houses. You’ve probably heard the names Dolce&Gabbana, Versace, Armani, Prada, and many others, here fashion is everywhere, think about that Armani himself designed uniforms for the police force.

This amazing fashion industry influences the everyday life of the Italians, so be ready to see glamorous people on the streets.

things to know when traveling to italy

Don’t let the romance die

When you think about the perfect date, don’t you picture yourself and your loved one on a gondola in Venice? Italian is the language of love and Italy is the perfect honeymoon destination, so is no surprise that Italians are very romantic people.

On your trip, allow yourself to be as romantic as you can, cause you’ll be in the right country.

If you’re looking for destinations to take your beloved with, check out The best places to visit in Italy for couples and the best time to go.

things to know when traveling to italy

Get ready for some good “aperitivo”

Aperitivo is like a cocktail time where, during a couple of hours, Italians relax after work having a few drinks and some really good snacks. This is a great way to experience the Italian culture and enjoy a break after hours of sightseeing.

Keep in mind that although aperitivo is around 6 pm to 9 pm, this is not supposed to replace dinner and Italians usually don’t take too much food there.

things to know when traveling to italy

Places you need to see

There’s so much to see in Italy and the best you can do with your time is having a plan so you don’t miss a thing. For example, you don’t want to go to Rome and miss the opportunity of getting inside the Colosseum, right? Or going to Milan and not checking the view on the Duomo Rooftops. Veditalia offers you incredible destinations; we’re specialized in English guided tours and we have different experiences all over the Italian territory.