An Amazing View – Walking on the Duomo Rooftops

1 Hrs
10:30 am and 3:30 pm


The Tour will start with a description of the façade, our licensed English-speaking tour guide will give you an entertaining introduction to the monument. Then, you will use the elevator to head up the steepest part of the Cathedral stairs to reach the first terrace, saving you 200 steps!

The roof is a system of sloping and accessible terraces with connecting walkways and stairs. This will allow you to reach and almost touch all the flying buttresses, crockets, spires and statues…

Walking through them you will see the breathtaking skyline of Milan, and your guide will point out all the buildings that you can admire from the top (the dome of the Vittorio Emanuele II Gallery, the San Siro Stadium, the Martini’s Terrace, the new modern districts of Milan, and more, witnessing the life of the city in constant movement and evolution.


Get the chance to see a fantastic panoramic view over the city and beyond, when the weather is right, you can see the distant “ring” of Alps surrounding Milan.

Enjoy an amazing and unique experience (no other churche in the world offers this opportunity) walking on the ROOFTOPS of the majestic DUOMO CATHEDRAL: it’s definitely worth the Tour!

  • 3,400 statues (more than any other Cathedral in the world)
  • 135 spires
  • The possibility to “touch and enter inside” the style of the Duomo
  • An exciting breathtaking panoramic view of Milan
  • A unique experience: walk on the roof of the church
  • A stunning atmosphere.

Important Information

Dress code: On hot days wear a hat to protect yourself from the sun;

The staircase to reach the highest terrace is particularly narrow and with smooth marble: use comfortable shoes, preferably with rubber sole.
It is Walking tour.
The rooftops are not accessible to people with disabilities.
Prams & strollers are not allowed on the rooftops.
On the terraces there are neither toilet facilities, nor coffee bars: bring water with you.
Food & Drink are not included.


  • In the unlikely case of excessive bad weather, the terrace may be closed for safety reasons: in this case the ticket will be refunded.
  • Ihe guided tour lasts 1 hour, but customers can stay on the rooftops as long as the wish, until closing time.


COVID IMPORTANT INFORMATION: People over 12 years old must have a Covid vaccination certificate or a negative test carried out no later than 48 hours prior to the tour, in order to access the sites of interest. Please note that some sites only accept vaccines recognized by the European Union.

Legally licensed English-speaking Tour Guide

Smaller groups: interact with your own Guide

No queues: skip-the-line and access guaranteed Duomo Rooftops, confortable and fast elevator for the most steep stretch to the first level

Personal audio headsets provided (over 5 particpants)

What to do in Milan: tips and suggestions for your stay in the city. No bad surprises: the price is “all inclusive”.

Electronic voucher accepted

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Meeting Point

Piazza del Duomo n.4 (under the arches in front of 12OZ Coffee Joint)


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