Why should you choose group tours?

The moment you decide to take a vacation you start thinking about the great time you’re going to have, all the things you’ll learn and the beautiful places you’re going to visit. But in that picture, do you see yourself with a gigantic group of tourists trying to hear something and pushing around to take a good look at the monuments?

We don’t think so. And to prove why choosing group tours is a smart move, here are a few things to keep in mind when planning your next vacation.


For solo travelers and seniors

We truly believe that groups are actually great for every tourist, but these two type of travelers particularly can hugely benefit from the experience. If your traveling solo for the first time, one thing that you’ll learn is that you’ll get lost and that’s OK! But if you don’t have the time to visit one monument per day, a good tour is a great way to meet people and learn a lot about each city.

If you’re a senior and want to learn more about Italy, a group tour is also an excellent idea for you! You’ll be able to hear the explanations of the guide properly, and there will be no need to rush to get to the places in front line so you can check them out.

In a group, everyone gets the chance to see the points of interest. Also, the walking tours can be a little tiring, and with a group, there’s more flexibility to keep up with the group. Amazing, right?

It doesn’t matter if you’re a solo traveler, with your loved one or with a group, you’ll appreciate more the city you’re visiting when you have the chance to explore and focus your energy on having a once in a lifetime experience.


Personal attention and friendly atmosphere

One of the main advantages of choosing a group tour is that you’ll have a much more unique experience. You have the chance to share this experience with others in your group and to get to know better your tour guide.

Your tour guide will have more time and availability to answer your questions and doubts about the places you’re visiting, and he can give you more information about what to do and where to go. And let’s be honest, nothing like good tips from locals to have a unique experience in Italy.

Group tours are also much better if you want to focus on something specific, for example, a Food & Wine Walking Tour in Rome, or Food, Wine and Extra Virgin Olive Oil tasting in Umbria.

In addition to that, if you prefer to visit one place at a time, like the National Automobile Museum in Turin, the Duomo Cathedral in Milan or the Uffizi Gallery in Florence, with the group you’ll get the information that you want.


And how does it work with Veditalia?

Veditalia specializes in English guided tours and has experience all over the Italian territory. We have a maximum of 25 people per group and if you want something more private and exclusive keep in mind that you can customize your trip.

Most of our tours are inside the city, so we’ll meet at the meeting point, check the sound so you can hear everything perfectly and start the walk. For a good walking tour all you need is a good pair of shoes and an excellent guide – the last bit is on us since we provide high-quality service.

Another great thing about Veditalia is that entrance, and skip-the-line tickets are always included in our tours. So you won’t lose time of your vacation and stress with queues trying to get to the monuments.

Other tours, such as Como lake, Maggiore lake, and Garda lake include the required tickets for transportation, such as trains and boats.

Now that you know why you should choose group tours, we hope you enjoy your vacation to the maximum and choose wisely your tour company.

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